Theo 201 Short Essay 350

Past Theology StudiesI went to a public school for all of my educational years and was never forced to study theology, therefore, I did not. Of course, like most history classes, there were discussions on certain public figures and their associations with theology, but as previously stated I have not been enrolled in a class that was strictly dedicated to the discussion of theology as a whole and how it effects my life as a Christian.Impact of TheologyMy Perception of the ImpactI am personally grateful that I get to delve into this study of nature the nature of God and the religious belief that goes with it. I think that this class and the study of theology that we will be completing will impact my spiritual walk with the Lord because I will acquire knowledge of Christianity that I did not previously have. I think any knowledge that we gain, whether as Christians or just as humans, that it has the power to shape our lives. Thankfully, what

Jonathan D. Anderson Dr. Gnanakan Theo 201 3 September 2014 Reflection Paper 1 1. I have carefully read the 11 page Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics. As an Evangelical Christian, I believe that it is vitally important for every other Christian to know and understand the Bible. God’s Word is the only means that we have here on earth that can be used to know more about Him. This being said, the value of this statement is immeasurable as it clarifies the issues and principles of the document upon which the whole Christian faith is based. Many average Christians, such as myself, have only a basic understanding of the Bible and therefore struggle when faced with tough questions about the Bible or Christianity. The Bible can sometimes be confusing for those of us with a limited understanding or a fuzzy view on certain subjects the Bible addresses. This statement can clear those things up can empower every Evangelical Christian with the truth of God’s Word.

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