Rock And Roll Music Definition Essay

The Birth Of Rock And Roll Music

Not parents, not teachers, but music changed the decade of the 1950s. Welcome to the decade, where rock ‘n’ roll music emerged. Rock ‘n’ roll changed the world, but it wasn’t just the music. The music created a movement. People were not afraid to be different. The Birth of Rock ‘n’ roll, created a major impact on many cultures and society. When I think of Rock ‘n’ roll music, I think of the music, as a stepping stone for Americans. I think of Rock ‘n roll music as a stepping stone for Americans because the music reflects on the change of America after the war. Everybody was afraid to break out and be different. Rock and roll music made it cool to be different. During the 1950s no other genre of music was accepted or despised as much a rock ‘n’ roll. The popularity of rock music can also be traced to the controversy that the music stirred up. When rock ‘n’ roll music hit the white suburbia area and became popular to the youth, the following decades talk trash about rock ‘n’ roll music. Despite the people talking trash about rock music, the music did help break down racial barriers. Rock music was universal. The music allowed different races to join together on the dance floor. As we take a journey through the 1950s, we will be able to understand the roots of Rock ‘n’ roll, famous idols, fashion sense the music created, and why rock ‘n roll has stirred up so much controversy during the fifties.
Before we explore The Birth of rock ‘n’ Roll, we must first reflect on other sounds that influence this genre of music. Sounds from blues, country, jazz, and gospel music all played a huge role in the birth of rock ‘n’ roll. The creation of different genres of music mixed together created a loud, fast, liberating sound that primarily appealed to teenagers. Many elements from the sounds of rock ‘n’ roll music can be heard in country music from the thirties, and in blues records from the twenties. An earlier reference to rock ‘n’ roll music was called, rockabilly. Rockabilly was a combination of country and jazz music. Traditional Appalachian folk and gospel music influence the term rockabilly. Other important music that influences the term rockabilly was music such as western swing, boogie woogie, honky tonk (Rock ‘n’ Roll). These influence on rock music primarily originated in the south. Rock ‘n’ roll music combined many different genres of music together, that were popular in many different cultures. According to Gorn he believed, that some experts claim the roots of the music can be traced to the back-country ring shouts of African American slaves. Others maintain that rock sprang from black spirituals of the 1920s and 1930s (Gorn).
By the late fifties, three types of rock music evolved. Rhythm and blues, Country, and Pop Rock. The three types of rock music that evolved was all a variation of a new sound, blending R&B and country music with pop lyrics that appealed to the teenagers. Rhythm and blues rock was the closet to R&B music. Gorn...

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1807 words - 7 pages Rock and Roll in the Early Fifties Hail, hail rock ‘n’ roll, Deliver me from the days of old. Long live rock ‘n’ roll The beat of the drum is loud and bold, Rock, rock, rock ‘n’ roll, The spirit is there body and soul.” - Chuck Berry (Hibbard and Kaleialoha, 19) An African- American euphemism for making love, rock and roll spurred from all genres of music, but mainly that of folk, country, jazz, pop and rhythm & blues...

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Essay about History Of Rock And Roll

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History of Rock and Roll


Rock and Roll started after the year 1955 with its roots being in Blues,
Gospel, and Jazz. This influenced vocal music, which was popular with the
African American population. Hep Harmony which added rhythm and harmony was sung by groups such as The "Mills Brothers" and the "Ink Spots".

Small Swing Bands or Jump Bands featured saxophone soloists and repeated phrases. These city style blues featured singers such as Joe Turner, Dina
Washington, T-Bone Walker, and composer-singer Percy Mayfield.

During this era, country blues traditions of the south became influential in the North as well. Blacks moved from the South to the North and
Chicago became the…show more content…

They brought about the renewal of rock and roll, starting in Liverpool, England.
John Lennon (10/9/40-12/8/80), led the Beatles as the lead singer and songwriter. Also writing the songs for the Beatles was Paul McCartney (6/18/42- present). George Harrison (2/25/43-present) added to the sounds of the Beatles.
In 1962, Ringo Starr (7/7/40-present) became the drummer for the band. They were now known as The Beatles, (the Fab Four).

Their first song "Love Me Do" was recorded in 1962, after Ringo joined the band. In 1964, the Beatles 'invaded' the United States, by bringing their music here and driving the crowds wild. The Beatles bridged the generation gap and language barriers. They were trend setters, with their style of dress and hair changing the face of the young people. They also influenced the use of hallucinogenic drugs, Indian music, and Eastern mysticism.

The Beatles last concert was in San Francisco in 1966. The band broke up in 1970. Lennon went on to record solo albums and with his wife, Yoko Ono.
McCartney went on to form Paul McCartney and Wings, with his wife, Linda.
Harrison and Starr also went on to do solo albums. Ringo also starred in some films. Rumors of a reunion were believed until the murder of John Lennon in

Some of the groups influenced by the Beatles were The Who, Cream with
Eric Clapton, and Chicago Blues. They brought out sounds such as loud music,

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