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I wrote this yesterday, it’s called the glorification of the modern day hoe

We celebrate hoes, getting peso’s for taking their clothes off, a blow job

is now an occupation, getting famous is compensation, show your anus and

get further accommodation, nurture our pagan ways, virgins we defer them

and stay way, can’t curve our pervert ways, these are dirty birds of prey,

screw em like we never heard of aids, but the feeling of our sperms to

the amount of hoes is higher than the murder rate, all the current praise

is going to girls who raise their legs in beds in widespreads for magazines,

no celebration of valiant deeds, but to girls who are scantily dressed,

who breathe sex and give head the best with double d breast,

their everywhere in heavy gear, and every year another pair appears,

i give a sneer a jeer when they come near to stardom, tryna blow up but only become stardust

June 18th, 2012

How to Write Rap Lyrics

Writing rap lyrics is one of the greatest musical challenges, mostly for the simple reason that when it comes to rap there’s nothing to distract from the performer, it’s just the person and the lyrics, so if you want to be successful you’ll work o come up with some great lyrics. The problem is this is far from easy, it takes an extensive amount of time and effort to write rap lyrics, and even then there’s no guarantee that they’ll be of decent quality.

A large part of writing rap lyrics is simple instinct and simple rhyming, you have something you want to say, you come up with a line, and then build the next off that with clever rhymes. It’s a tough task, and the one that most aspiring rappers struggle with, but here are a few tips and recommendations.

Tips on How to Write Good Rap Lyrics

  • Have a clear idea of what the purpose of the song is, what you’re trying to accomplish and ultimately what you’re trying to say, and then make sure that every line in your lyrics works towards this goal.
  • Go line by line, don’t feel the need to tackle it all at once, knowing how to write good rap lyrics is about taking your time and building something effectively yet methodically so you can trust it all to hold together.
  • Tone is important, make sure the lyrics match not just the tone of the song, but of your voice as well.

Get Help to Write Rap Lyrics Online

Many people attempt rapping but few actually find success, and this is because of the unique combination of skill and diligence required to know how to write a rap lyrics. Our service is here to take some of that responsibility off your hands and make your journey to rap success a little simpler by providing high-quality lyrics of any kind that you need. Our pros know all the ins and outs of how to write rap lyrics, they all have extensive experience and knowledge of their own, and they can bring this to your rap lyrics today!

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